World Association For Dalmatians

WAFDAL Membership

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We have two types of forms: for private members and for breed associations/clubs.

  • For private persons the membership fee is 15 Euros per year.

  • For breed associations / clubs the fee depends on the number of members:
    - Up to 200 members 50 EUR
    - 201 to 400 members 100 EUR
    - 401 to 800 members 150 EUR
    - More than 800 members 200 EUR

The following links will take you to the membership application:

Here you can download our WAFDAL Flyer

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Phone number Chairman: +49 941 71969
E-mail adress: president@wafdal.org

Webmaster: Andrea Theuerkauf-Höppner
Secretary: secretary@wafdal.org